Component Testing

DFL conducts component testing in accordance with the IMO res. A800, IMO MSC 265 and the MSC circ. 1165. Component tests are conducted to show how well the construction of the product is and if the choice of material is correct. This shows the customer the durability of the product.
Some of the component tests DFL conduct:

  • Visual examination
  • Body strength test
  • Leak resistance & hydrostatic strength
  • Functional test
  • Operating temperature test
  • Plunge test
  • Prolonged plunge test or prolonged exposure ramp test
  • Heat exposure test
  • 90 days test-uncoated nozzles
  • Thermal shock test glass
  • Strength of release element

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bigstock-Man-Giving-Lecture-To-Three-Pe-4132556-150x150        Our Clients
DFL's clients are typically manufacturers who needs approval testing, engineering companies who needs to get new inspiration or authorities who needs to verify special designs.

 bigstock-Close-up-of-business-partners-38945614-150x150   Client demos 
If you need to do a "real life" demonstration of your products to customers, you can book DFL's facilities for this purpose. We will be delighted to help you plan the event.

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