Accredited fire test methods

See the current accredited test method list at DANAK.dk 

DFL is accredited to conduct full scale fire tests to a series test protocols, methods and standards. The lists of methods include FM, CEN, EN, ISO, and IMO protocols. The list can be found below:


Fire test:

MSC.1/Circ. 1387

Local Application fire-fighting systems for use in Category A machinery spaces.

IMO MSC 1 Circ. 1430

Fire-fighting systems for special category spaces.

IMO MSC Circ. 1165 

Fire-extinguishing systems for machinery spaces and cargo pump-rooms.

IMO/MSC.1/Circ. 1268:2008 Fire-fighting systems for accomodation
DS/EN 3-7+A1:2007 Annex I Portable fire extinguisher
Factory Mutual Standard 5560, April 2016 Water mist systems
IMO resolution MSC.265(84), 2008
Fire-fighting systems for accommodation.
IMO Res. A. 800, 1995 Component-test of water mist nozzles.
DSF/prEN 14972-1:2017, only for DSF/prEN 14972-8:2018, DSF/prEN 14972-9:208 and DSF/prEN 14972-16:2017 Water mist systems
ISO 15371:2015


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DFL's clients are typically manufacturers who needs approval testing, engineering companies who needs to get new inspiration or authorities who needs to verify special designs.

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If you need to do a "real life" demonstration of your products to customers, you can book DFL's facilities for this purpose. We will be delighted to help you plan the event.

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