DFL developed test methods

​DFL have developed a variety of different fire test methods, in order for DFL to cover other applications than found in the accredited test methods. DFL have many years of experience in designing such protocols and conducting fire test to these. The number of the DFL test methods can be found below:

Fire test procedure for Water Mist systems with horizontal spray for fire protection of Atriums with smoke ventilation systems.

DFL Nr. 90810-01

This full-scale fire test has been developed by DFL ApS (Danish Fire Laboratories) to test the fire suppression abilities of water mist. The test is based on Atrium systems, which have horizontal water distribution from walls and where fire test scenario involves a Class A Ordinary hazard fire in large locations with active smoke ventilation.

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​Concert Halls and other similar multiple seated rooms

​DFL Nr. 90805-01

This method is used to evaluate the fire protection performance of active fire protection systems with fixed installations, such as fire protection of concert halls and similar locations, where the audience is seated in individual chairs and/or sofas.

Rack storages with in rack fire protection

Fire test method for water mist systems

DFL Nr. 61204-03

This DFL method provides a fire test protocol for testing water mist systems, which are installed in rack storages in-rack fire protection and overhead protection above the racks.

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​Atrium protection with sidewall water mist distribution

​DFL Nr. 70111-04

The DFL Method 70111-04 tests the fire suppression performance of systems for fire protection of atriums. This method covers water based fire protection systems, which are characterized by spraying a water based fire suppression agent from atrium walls into to the atrium volume.

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Side-wall protection

Fire test method for horizontal installed water mist nozzle for light and ordinary hazard applications and occupations

DFL Nr. 80728-SW

This method has been designed for evaluating the minimum acceptable fire fighting performances of side wall installed water mist nozzles for fixed installation for automatic fire protection of light hazard and ordinary hazard occupancies.

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