​Company profile

​DFL are accredited to conduct full-scale fire-tests as well as component testing of firefighting equipment. DFL have, since the year 2005, been an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified company. We have earned ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certification.​

What do DFL test?

  • ​Fire and Component test of Water Mist Systems
  • Fire testing of Hand Extinguishers
  • Fire testing of special Sprinkler installations
  • Fire testing of passive protection solutions for special building designs and hazards

How do DFL test the products?

  • ​Fire tests of firefighting equipment to international test-methods.
DFL conduct fire testing in accordance with the majority of known maritime and land test methods and protocols for watermist system, hand extinguishers and kitchen systems. Such methods include FM, CEN, VDS, EN, ISO, and IMO protocols.
  • Physical and chemical Component test of firefighting equipment
DFL conduct component testing in accordance with the IMO res. A800, IMO msc. 265 and IMO MSC circ. 1165.
  • Fire tests to in-house developed test methods/protocols
DFL offer the possibility to develop new test methods for testing firefighting equipment. The method will be developed together with DFL, the fire authorities and the customer. DFL have the opportunity to develop new test methods according to CEN/TS 14972, Annex B.
  • Fire tests to special and project specific design environments where the authorities question the design
Such testing can help answer questions related to obstructions, visibility, fire damage or development in the specific design. We can test setups with active fire protection systems or without.
  • Quality control services
DFL offer expertise and skills to conduct component tests on costumers’ production nozzles to ensure ongoing production quality.

Why should you use DFL?

​Our skilled staff is experienced in conducting physical fire- and component-tests. DFL conduct and manage over 1000 fire- and component-tests each year, which gives our customers a quick processing time and thereby making the tests more cost-efficient.

Our facilities comply with the highest standards within fire testing including Denmark’s largest and most modern fire test hall, surveillance room, workshop, Internet and tele-communications, conference room, and administrative and environmental facilities.

We are an accepted fire laboratory by third. part companies such as FM – Factory Mutual, Lloyd’s register, DNV (Det Norske Veritas/ The Norwegian Veritas), and many other Accredited Approval Companies and Societies around the world.

The test facilities

​DFL’s facilities give our customer the possibilities to conduct long-term fire testing. Our facilities:

  • A large hall for fire-testing (6000m3 – L: 20m W: 20m H: 15m). Inside the building a 16m by 16m suspended ceiling which can be adjusted in height, is installed. Furthermore, it can be extended to fill the entire room (floor area). The large hall is equipped with water and power supply for most needs.
  • A medium size hall for fire-testing (1200m3) – That gives our customers the opportunity to run numerous tests simultaneously.

  • A 30m x 30m outdoor testing area with own waste fuel and water facility which makes it possible to poor used testing diesel oil and heptane directly into the drain. This gives very fast laydown time between tests. We can supply the power and water needed for most systems and we can even supply pressurized O2 directly on site. As we know many of our customers prefer as little wind as possible, we have equipment to build 5m high wind screen around the total area.
  • A highly skilled and flexible staff, which can help our customers throughout the entire testing, also in weekends, evenings and nights.
  • Show- and conference room.
  • An office for customers with Internet, telephone etc.
  • Apartments, food arrangement etc.

Temperatures, pressures, flows, heat spread & heat transfer, weight loss, energy output, gas concentrations etc. We are capable of measuring all relevant parameters when conducting fire tests. 

The parameters are measured, logged and reported using modern, calibrated and reliable equipment in accordance with applicable norms and standards. Besides the common measurement equipment we can also supply thermal cameras, fire test video recorders and heat ray photography.

​Finally in addition to our existing measuring equipment we can custom build specialized equipment to match our customer’s individual needs.​

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